A trip for three days(rental car)



「TOUKYU COBO」 with a lot of cute ceramics

Workshop on the quiet hills. That is, in front of the broad idyllic landscape, when the weather is good not only to see the sea can also see the island on the other side, the highest mountain of the KURATAKE can be seen. Mr. Syouji sueisi moved to the AMAKUSA for the practice of ceramics. While studying the MARUO YAKI, As a place where can make a leisurely pottery, a kiln is placed here. Warm equipment for everyday life. Every spring, it will also be held with nearby kiln. If you make an appointment before a week, you can also experience hand-made fun (accept 2 or more registrations)

A Brunch at Onike port「Propeller plate lunch and café」

Amakusa in Kyushu Prefecture is surrounded by sea and lush rich nature in every direction. It is in this excellent environment where cattle rearing has flourished since the Meiji period (1868-1912). It is widely known across Japan for its high-quality kuroge wagyu beef. The cattle of Amakusa are raised with an abundance of passion, love, and lush nature of the island. They are reputed to be very healthy due to the fact that they grow naturally through eating the grass grown via the flowing water of the tides. Not only famous people and those involved in TV, magazines, or newspapers flock to eat the delicious Amakusa kuroge wagyu beef, but also a huge number of tourists from across Japan. Don't miss out on your opportunity to enjoy it too!

Visit the unique rock formations 'Oppai rock'

This is a metamorphic rock called 'Oppai Iwa' named after its similar shape to the female breast (Oppai means breast in Japanese.) There are several theories on how the rock came to be, but the leading theory is that the gas emitted from the ocean water and ocean floor carved its shape. Some believe that touching the rock directly brings good luck for 'producing plenty of breast milk' or for 'getting larger breasts.' You will be surprised at how different the rock looks size-wise in pictures after seeing it with your own eyes. The rock is hidden under sea surface during high tide, so it is recommended to go during low tide. Don't forget to check the tide table! (http://sio.mieyell.jp/select?po=84312)

Looks like an elephant?
National Scenic Natural Monuments”Myoken Ura”

It is a great place to represent the Amakusa West coast. The height of about 100m of the sea erosion hole is almost 4km spectacular and beautiful scenery. There is also a "Myoken cave mouth" of the size that the boat passes in Myokensaki, and it is reputed to resemble the silhouette of the elephant when seeing from the Jusanbutsu Park Observatory. In the nose of the elephant, there is a Myokeniwa, and a shrine is enshrined. It is also a country designated natural monument, and the scenery in the sea where tropical fish swims is wonderful, and it is popular as a spot of scuba diving. Although there are roads to the coast, please be careful not to go wrong.

Visit the Oe church

After the ban, the Oe church was the first church in which Amakusa began its activities. The current building was built by the French missionary Father Garnier, who was preached in Amakusa in the 8th year of the Showa era (1933), with local believers. A Roman-style church that blends in with the rustic style. The interior of the Catholic Church can be worshipped freely, but the visit must be solemn and serious. In addition, it should be noted that it is not possible to take pictures in the church.

Sakitsu tribe (Sakizu Catholic Church)

Take a walk in the world cultural heritage "Sakizu tribe (Sakizu Catholic Church)"

Check in at Simoda onsen 「Hotel IGAYA」

Japanese-style wooden building, hotel in the retro Shimoda Onsen


The famous restaurant "YAKKO Zushi"

Sushi restaurants with delicious sushi are available using fresh fish caught in the local fishing port. Headed by celebrities, there are many frequent visitors to and inside Kyushu, and it is one of the foods that must be eaten . Do not touch soy sauce, paired with homemade plum flavor of the natural salt and the use of grass sea urchins to produce sea urchin salt, but also add to the flavor of cooking. you can taste the most original sweet flavor of sushi. Not only the bar area, the seating area and the box area, so don't worry about whether you need a secret space or a group of guests. It is also recommended that dinner can be enjoyed here.

Visit a kiln like a café, "Yamaguchi Yaki."

This is a kiln in a tranquil pastoral setting that uses a variety of soils from different parts of the Amakusa to make a hand-feeling vessel. Here, there are not only tea utensils that can be carefully tasted for coffee and tea, dishes and soup bowls that are used every day,there are decorative small things to decorate the house and so on a wide variety of goods.

Low tea operated by MR.kundou Koyama
"Marujin" taiyaki café

"The taiyaki is round." The person who heard this kind of thing is definitely in the amakusa! In the middle of the amakusa shimoshima Island, the gintengai is full of intimate stores. The boss ended his business because he was old, and he reopened because of volunteers. Although the shape is the same, the quality of the taiyaki is improved when it is reopened. From Kyoto famous stores to learn the way to make stuffing, kasta sauce added tea combination after the new flavor of taiyaki. Although the taste is novel, but only gazing at the leisurely automatic turn-over, you will feel the leisurely atmosphere like time and space.


A resort-style hotel in "Amakusa Matsushima", one of the top three Matsushima islands in Japan. The main building covers an area of about 5 0 0 0 0 pints, like a boat floating in the air and three separate villas, whichever is a panoramic sea view room. One of the best viewing places is the restaurant's "festa del mare", which can be tasted with grass seafood and luxurious grass Italian cuisine such as the natural cultivation of fresh fruits and vegetables produced by the farmhouse. The buffet breakfast is also a highlight of the fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables. There is a swimming pool for guests in the scenic area where you can see the beauty of Tian Cao Pine Island, and you can also drink and have fun by the side of the pool after dinner.


90% Encounter rate!
There are approximately 200 wild bottlenose dolphins

Meet wild bottlenose dolphins who live in Amakusa throughout the year via this cruise! This breed of dolphin is very friendly, often performing, swimming alongside the boat, and jumping in and out to get fish. People on this cruise get to not only enjoy seeing dolphins, but also enjoy pleasantly touring around the Amakusa Islands and seeing various sites such as the Ariake Sea and the Five Bridges of Amakusa. A guide on-board also provides easy-to-understand explanations on the behavior and ecology of dolphins.

The most famous spot in Amakusa
「L’isola Terrace Amakusa」

Open sense space on the island of Amakusa. Enjoy views of the sea and the island from the open sea View Restaurant. Taste the delicious dishes of Amakusa seafood and Kyushu's national meat and vegetables. The most famous here is the salt bread. When the bread is baked, the store is filled with bread scent. There are also many people who want to buy from the foreign counties and cities for the sake of bread. There are also shops selling many Amakusa special products.

Enjoy a special journey on the "Amakusa Takarajima line"
Cruise with a comfortable travel and sightseeing experience.

Enjoy sightseeing cruise around Kyushu and the charm of Amakusa. From "Misumi East Port" in front of Misumi station to Matsushima (Maejima). Because there is a link to the time of the "JR AMAKUSA MISUMI LINE",so you can experience different speeds from land traffic and enjoy the beauty of AMAKUSA from different angles. The boat ride to Matsushima (Maejima) is about 17 minutes, making it a comfortable sightseeing boat to enjoy the ride slowly. Looking at the appreciated "Japan's three great Matsushima" islands, stunning sea views and from the sea to enjoy the different customs of five bridge, the atmosphere is particularly relaxed and leisurely. If you transfer to the JR sightseeing train "Limited Express A-TRAIN," it will be the most special sightseeing tour. ※Tickets can be purchased on board or booked and paid in advance ※For transportation at the time of cancellation due to bad weather etc, please use the "Amakusa go" from Gokyo Iriguchi bus stop to Hondo or Kumamoto(Contact/Sanko Bus Portal Site Misumi0964-52-3151)