A trip for two days for World Cultural Heritage
(rental car)



The world cultural heritage "Misumi Nishiko Historic Port"
that has been preserved 100 years ago.

One of the three major ports in the Meiji period, the only one that retains the most complete port. The Dutch water engineer Mald saw the bay surrounded by the island as a great appreciation of the heavens. "This is the best natural port!" It is a port city that is so modern that it did not seem to be created in just three years, and it has trade, judicial and administrative facilities in a compact cityscape, and has been designated as a special export port of the country in two years after its opening. As an important trading port for coal, rice, wheat and other sea port materials in the Sanchi mining area It was included in the World Cultural Heritage as a constituent asset of the Japanese industrial revolutionary ironmaking, steel, shipbuilding, and coal industries during the Meiji period. It is also recommended to look out of the cruise to the fishing grounds that have been pushed by masonry stones.

Enjoy superb views of Matsushima and Amakusa seafood at a shop without a close time.

A Japanese restaurant that tastes the blessing of the sea of Amakusa. It is located near Amakusa No. 5 Bridge. The location overlooking the sea, islands and bridges of Matsushima is also a popular reason. The "seafood bowls" filled with fresh fish, the full-bodied "Japanese tiger prawn bowls", and the urchins rice filled with sea urchins . Not only raw sea urchins pasta, snapper noodles, sashimi, seafood raw beef slices, as well as grass burning fish, ankang fish liver orange vinegar sauce, fried octopus. Because there is no time limit, you can enjoy lunch or dinner.

A cruising with views of Amakusa Matsushima in Amakusa five bridges cruising.

The five bridges connecting Utoshi Peninsula to Amakusa Kamishima are called "Amakusa Five Bridges". Because of the difference between high and low and the distance, the way each bridge is built and the scenery it sees is different. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the bridge and the island connecting the sea when you are enjoying the ride, the scenery from the sea is unique. "Amakusa gokyo cruise" is a tour boat sailing in the particularly stable sea between No. 2 Bridge and No. 5 Bridge. You can enjoy the scenic view of Amakusa Matsushima and the four bridges in about 30 minutes. In addition to regular flights, you can enjoy the romantic "sunset cruise" if you make a charter (or tour) reservation in advance.

Learn about the history of Catholicism at the Amakusa Catholic Museum in Amakusa.

The Historical museum stands at Honto Castle ruins. It is composed of four themes: "Amakusa Christian History", "Nanban Culture and Amakusa", "Amakusa, Shimabara," and "the post-war Amakusa revival and Christian faith", Therefore, we can understand that the "people's uprising, the largest and last civil war in Japanese history." From the roof and the second floor balcony overlooking the city of Hondoshi.In Shiroyama Park, which spreads over the Honto Castle ruins, there is also the danjyou kiyama's Tomb. It's also a popular attraction for spring flowers.

Visit some of Japan's pottery producing areas.
The most popular Amakusa fashion vessel "Maruyaki"

Galleries filled with natural light. Across the atrium, artists work hard to make ceramics in workshops every day. The fifth-generation MR.kinzawa couple led the production of ceramics with their sons and staff. There are many types of styles, such as boutiques selling ceramics. Combining the passion of Amakusa ceramics culture, every year, the "Amakusa Grand Ceramics Exhibition" in November also became one of the activities representing the Amakusa.


Enjoy the A5 rank of Amakusa black beef「Tanaka Yakiniku」

This is a store that conveys the history of Amakusa, where livestock has flourished since the Meiji period, with a delicious surprise. More than 300 Japanese black beef and cattle are raised in Amakusa. In order to convey the delicious taste of the Japanese black beef raised in the rich nature to the customers, So opened a direct store. Japanese black beef just take 2800 yen to jump at the special price and provide food to full. A5 grade black hair and cattle and rare French fried beef can be tasted at a reasonable price. There are many kinds of sake, and the dinner time is popular not only for lunch. There is also a meat shop, recommended for those who want to enjoy relaxing at home and gift.

Spa facilities at ALEGRIA Garden Hotel AMAKUSA "Banheira de Perla"

You can see the beach in the high platform. It is a natural hot spring facility in the grounds of Hotel Alegria Garden Amakusa. Open baths are attached to the large baths. Yama-no-Yu, ensconced among the trees. Descending the stairs from Yama-no-Yu, the unique ceramic bathtubs of Mori-no-Yu come into view. At Yama-no-Yu and Mori-no-Yu, you can also enjoy sunbathing and forest bathing to your heart’s content while you admire the changing of the seasons from new green leaves to colorful autumn foliage.


Sakitsu tribe (Sakizu Catholic Church)"

Take a walk in the world cultural heritage "Sakizu tribe (Sakizu Catholic Church)"

Visit the Oe church

After the ban, the Oe church was the first church in which Amakusa began its activities. The current building was built by the French missionary Father Garnier, who was preached in Amakusa in the 8th year of the Showa era (1933), with local believers. A Roman-style church that blends in with the rustic style. The interior of the Catholic Church can be worshipped freely, but the visit must be solemn and serious. In addition, it should be noted that it is not possible to take pictures in the church.

Exclusively selected from the hand-made noodles of Amakusa soba Reishuya

Soba is served in a quaint old house about 50 years old. Soba noodles grown in the Miyachitake Shuraku of Amakusa. Enjoy the seasonal soba noodles. What attracts attention every year is the sea urchin soba that starts simultaneously with the lifting of sea urchin fishing. Put a lot of sea urchins and seaweed on the cold soba noodles. It can be said that one of the dishes that must be tasted by Amakusa. Crispy and delicious tempura and Enrich a la carte dinner. Ingenious hot pot that debut every winter.

See the view of Amakusa Matsushima from the High dance mountain climbing!

Shop at the SUN PEARL, which is rich in agricultural products.

When heading to Amakusa from Kumamoto city, you will go through Ohyanojima. There is the Kami-Amakusa roadside station [Kami-Amakusa Sun Pearl] in the center of the city, along Japan National Route 266. The station opens from 8 am, and is divided into 3 buildings: fish, ornamental plant, and fresh produce. In the fresh fish building, there are Amakusa’s diverse harvest of fish, crabs, and clams kept in a fish-tank. There are also many people who come with their own cooler boxes to keep the fresh fish they buy. Aside from that, there are abundant selection of local specialties to bring back as souveniers like local citrus fruits - the paarukan (local grapefruit) and Amakusa bankan (local orange), fresh seafood, and vegetables. With a tourism bureau inside the facility and the Shiro Amakusa – themed museum [Shiro Amakusa Memorial Hall] across the road, this roadside station is one of Kami-Amakusa’s lively tourism spot.